I felt like I haven't taken photos of the little dude lately so I thought I would take some yesterday morning of our breakfast. Eating solids has been our focus as of late. In fact, when I see friends or family and they ask me what is new in my life, I talk about our Geddy boy eating solids. Glamorous is the life of a stay at home Mama. Oh well, gotta love it.

Geddy really loves eating, just like is Ma and Pop. We aren't dainty eaters, we make every meal count. He loves fruits and veggies most but is fine with the cereal too. He has started to laugh and play while he eats. Sucking on his arm or fist between bites is a tradition, which causes quite the mess. He gets incredibly distracted by the little bear on his chair. There will be moments when he will turn around and stare at it for way too long.

Super pumped to eat!
Oh so messy.
The goods. 
Little dude and his spoon.

Happy Eating and Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

The worst is when he just spits it straight out the second it hits his mouth.

Haley said...

Hey we have those same spoons. Love his blue eyes and bald, bald head.

Sarah Noel said...

HE has the MOST darling face. LOVE it!
Starting solid foods was so fun for us. Iris was way into it!

Just found your blog tonight!
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