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As I have mentioned before, Geddy is a mover and a shaker. He wakes each morning with a skip in his step and ready to conquer the world living room. Being quite the home body myself, and only having 1 car, we spend a lot of time at home. We go for a walk everyday with our Pup and we will run errands once or twice a week but other than that, we enjoy being home.

Geddy is at the age where he can get a little frustrated because I can tell that he wants to crawl, walk, run and most of all, jump. So, we have to get creative and run through our course of activities. Like I said, we do get out each afternoon for a nice walk but when we aren't napping or walking, we are finding a way to focus his little energy.

Our little dude has become a really good sitter. He has become pretty independent  and prefers to sit up rather than lying flat on his back. He loves his little looping rings and has just discovered balls. He is quite a fan, which should please both Grandpas. Not only has he recently become fond of balls but also furry friends, especially his ducky. We have to be cautious with the Pup's fuzzy toys because Geddy will grab them and stick them straight in his mouth. Likewise, Bobbie is quite fond of the little Ducky. More than once, we have caught our Pup cozying up to the little Ducky. 

Though Geddy is usually very pleasant, he has a very Sassy streak. He is starting to perfect the fake cry/wine. Its adorable but super naughty. I was able to capture it, he is pretty darn good at it. Do not be fooled, he isn't actually crying here, just fussing.

When Geddy is content to lay on the floor, he spends most all of it rolling and getting into the things that he shouldn't. I will have toys surrounding him but he will find some chord, old shoes, or video game controller to suck on. He keeps Mama on her toes.

Geddy has started to like books which is highly pleasing to Chad and I. I can't wait until he gets old enough to love the books that I loved as a little girl. To read them to him for the first time. Its something I have looked forward to ever since I found out I was expecting. Oh books, what joy they bring.

Our boyish wonder is very ticklish. He loves you to get close and tickle his ribs as he grabs your hair or face. Oh how he laughs, it sounds like a machine gun, cracks me up. We will spend some time playing with his little feet and tiny toes or clapping with his hands. He is especially giggly in the mornings.

Little dude loves to jump. I know that I explained this recently but I repeat it, this boy loves to jump. Luckily, we were able to borrow a trusty jumper, this has been Geddy's favorite toy of all time. He could bounce all day, obviously, we don't allow that.

Tiny baby feet.

One last thing. We finally had our 6 month appointment. We were past 6 months but for some reason, when I tried scheduling one in July, they said my Doctor didn't have any openings until 4 weeks later. Weird but thats why we didn't have one earlier. Anywho, here are his stats! And look at the little bandaids on his legs, shots are no fun. He was especially offended by the one on the left. By the end of the night, Geddy was tired, sore, and ready for bed.

"6" Months Old (technically 7) Stats:
Length: 28 in-79%
Weight: 18lbs 12oz-55%
Head Circ: 44.2cm-44%

You can see his past stats here!

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

You scored some really cute pictures of Geddy! Abby is the exact same way about toys. I will dump an entire box of age appropriate toys right next to her and she will immediately crawl to a miniscule scrap of paper, crusty old cheerio or computer wire laying on the floor. Dah!