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Have you ever gone through phases where you have so much to say and then all of sudden, as quickly as your chattiness came, it's gone again. That's how I have felt the last few days. I just don't have much to say. I had posts lined up for a few days out the last couple weeks and then all of a sudden, I have nothing to say at all.

Things aren't bad, in fact they are very good but nothing crazy exciting is going on either. Geddy does turn 7 months old this week (post to come on Tuesday!) but other than that, things are very calm. I'd rather it be that way than the opposite, don't get me wrong.

One thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is that Chad and I are FINALLY getting family pictures taken of out little family. Like, we are buckling down, scheduled a photographer, getting outfits together, and smiling in front of a fancy camera. Its happening in September and we are getting them taken outside. Sadly, we have not had nice family photos taken since we got married. Not even a cute picture of the two of us on the couch. We get cute pictures of one of us but never together.

Though I am incredibly excited, I am almost stressing about what to wear. I don't want things to be super matchy matchy or that will end up looking super dated. I would hate for them to turn out something like this:


Why? Why the tropical shirts?

I have had some people ask what colors we are going with or what ideas I have for our attire, my response is always "I want to look like we came out of a J.Crew catalogue". Wouldn't that be awesome? I don't want to match I just want it to go. Does that make sense? I am so nervous that I will mess it all up. Usually, I feel very confident when styling but the fact that I am going to be styling all 3 of us is really psyching me out.

I am super grateful that we are having a professional take our photos because I can be kind of awkward. I have weirdly long arms and legs with man sized hands that could easily be mistaken as baseball mitts if not positioned correctly (I am kidding, they aren't that bad). I fear that if I don't have someone experienced direct us for our photos, we would end up like these two charming fellows:


What?! Who encouraged this pose?

To close, I am grateful that I have some time to figure out some handsome yet not easily dated outfits for the photo. Also grateful, someone who knows what they are doing will be in control of the situation. And, this photo cracked me up. Look at that girl! She seems very unforgiving.


Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are amazing! You know, some of our Olson family photos would go nicely on that website. Like Holly's 4 inch bangs, my braces laden snarl, Dad's tinted glasses. Oh man, modern yet classic family pictures are a tough egg to crack.