Keeping it Together

My earliest memories consist of two things. Awesome Mommy and Me time while all the big kids were at school and dunking my Sister's Barbie doll in apple juice then sucking the apple juice out of the doll's hair. Luckily, me and my Sister were mega close so she didn't kill me.

Lets talk naps people.

While it was just my Mom and me during the day and the older kids were at school, I remember my Mom taking a nap regularly. Like, I don't think there was a day where she missed it. Mother is the kind of woman who got up at the crack of dawn (literally, I think she got up at 4:45am) and made a hot breakfast for her children. Even in highschool, my Mom sent me out the door with a homemade biscuit, egg, and bacon sandwich- the woman is a saint. Because she was such an early riser, she hit a point mid-day where she needed to recharge so she would take a nap at Noon.

I am sure it wasn't a problem while I was still on a napping schedule myself but once I got older, she would make me lunch (usually consisting of cheese with apple slices, so good) and let me watch Sesame Street, then Mr. Rogers (oh PBS, you were my childhood). She mad it very clear that if I needed anything or there was an emergency, I could come wake her. I remember somedays feeling bored and going and laying on the bed next to her so I could also "nap". I am quite positive, I never once fell asleep though.

Now that I have a little one of my own, naps are the thing that save me! Like Mother like Daughter. The spouse and I are quite the night owls, its the time we have to spend together which makes it tricky because our little dude is very much not a night owl. He goes to bed at about 7:30pm and wakes at 7am (sometimes a feeding in the middle of the night). So, this Mama wakes up with her boy at 7am slightly sleep deprived and sees Daddy off to his run while we stay up for about an hour and 15 minutes. Then little dude is ready for his first nap, its like clockwork! So, the whole family takes a nap (except for Daddy, he heads off to work, poor guy). We all nap for about 45 minutes unless Geddy sleeps longer, then we all nap longer, wahoo!

I must tell you, that little nap saves me everyday. I think its my Pup's favorite time of the day as well. She loves putting the baby away and napping with Mama.

Look what time it is. Its time for my morning nap. I cannot wait.

Happy Napping Friday!



Chad de Lisle said...


Haley said...

Do you really use a sleeping mask? Love that. And I love hearing your memories of being a little one. You forgot to mention that mom bought you a new toy like every. stinking. day. I'm still fuming.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say, hey and she bought you a happy meal like everyday!
Haley you'll get to spoil everyone of them like that too, I do but I make sure no one gets a toy, too obvious when everyone else comes home, we just something food related.