Our Space

Chad and I have lived in our apartment for nearly 3 years now and though its small, I have grown quite fond of it. I have always found it really strange how married apartment renters in Provo move so often. I can understand while you are single because you want to find "fresh meat" (haha, that sounds vulgar, sorry) but when your married, what is the point? Unless you are going somewhere bigger or buying a place, why bother to move?

Since we have been married, Chad and I have moved 4 times and I hated every minute of it. The packing, the cleaning, and then trying to break into a new space and make it feel like home. Though our space has its weaknesses (only AC window units and no washer or dryer) I love having somewhere that is consistent and where we don't get bothered by neighbors or the landlord (yes, I am that unfriendly person). 

Because I love seeing posts about people's living situation, I have decided to share our living room. I have done posts about our bedroom and Geddy's nursery, so it only feels natural to also include our living room. We spend a lot of time in this space and there are things that I really like and also dislike about it.

From the front door.
Little Geddy playing on the floor.
I don't love all the black furniture but its what we have. Love Chad's Gibson guitar. Off to the right is our kitchen and the left our
bathroom and bedrooms. That is 1 of 3 bookshelves in our apartment. 
Something I do love about our desk, is the perfect compartment for my computer and such.
View from our kitchen. Really hate that we don't have normal AC. And that ceiling fan
doesn't work (even though they have come to fix it). 
Love this little bin that holds wipes, diapers, diaper mat, and some toys for Geddy.

Now that I am home everyday, I have grown quite tired of our decor, especially in our living room. I want to change our space but its hard because we have meticulously arranged things so we can cram as much in here as possible without sacrificing too much space. I have done the decorating with simple Ikea furniture and decorations from D.I. (I would get decorations from D.I. even if I was rich).

I stumbled across these amazing images of small apartments decorated handsomely. My favorite thing about each space is how bright and inviting it is. Chad and I are really comfort based people so we don't do things too fancy as far as decor and I think these apartments fit our style appropriately. Generally, I am a color person but when it comes to decor, I love white. I feel like it opens up a small place perfectly and it looks clean (but probably requires a lot of upkeep with little ones about).

Love this little breakfast "nook-esq" space. And the light!
The styling of this room is my favorite. Amazing. 
Adore the use of the bookcase here, it really adds to the room.

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I love our home!

Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

Beautiful! I love the photographs you have up. Well done!

Haley said...

I really like the art you guys have on your wall. Ty and I - because of our love of history - have been gifted many portraits of some of our heroes. We love these portraits in our home, but sometimes our house feels a little museum-y. I need to strike a balance between meaningful pictures on our walls, but also bright and cheery ones too.

Elizabeth said...

What if you painted some of your stuff? White spray paint is easy, cheap and can lighten up the room? I love it! We need to come see you in your element sometime.