Shoe of the Day!

Man! The day is almost gone! Time totally got away from me. Crazy. I wanted to throw up a quick shoe of the day, one of my favorites posts to do. But first, I want to highlight a few mild changes to the blog (more like additions). First off, I added an "I am a Mormon" button to my sidebar. Pretty cool, I know.

I also added two links: one to my About Me page and the other to my Contact Page. The first link is for my about.me page that I did online. I did it mostly for fun because I was bored but I added it. And the second, is for my Instagram. Did you know I was on Instagram? Because I am. You will see photos there that often times don't make it to my blog. Lets be honest, they are usually pictures of Geddy and things around the house but you get to see my day to day life in pictures there. Because I am so excited about both of these things, I am linking them on this post to so you can check them out when you read this :) (Mega dork, no big deal)


Onto the shoes! Pictured below, are a pair that I got at the beginning of Summer and the color is what caught my eye. There are a lovely blue, mini wedge, gladiator, sandal. Faux suede cheapies from Forever 21 but I wore them quite a bit this summer. They were comfy and a nice pop of color! I usually wore them with Maxis skirts/dresses but also threw them with skinnies as well.

Finally got around to painting my toes after Bear Lake. That lake did a number on my pedi!

Happy Thursday!


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Amanda said...

Love the shoes, Loooooooove the nail polish. I want it! What is the color and where did you get it?