This, That, and a Week of Rebellion

This week has been a "throw caution to the wind" kind of week. Though Geddy's schedule has stayed in place, mine totally has not.

Normally, I am very responsible. I make sure things are tidy, do my daily chores (walking the pup, working out, blogging) but this week, I put everything on the back burner and did whatever I want. I got lunch for myself twice this week, I watched Law and Order during nap time instead of working out, I kept things tidy but it was usually a rushed run through the house moments before Chad gets home. Showering at 3 in the afternoon, eating crackers and fruit snacks for lunch and Reese's Puffs for breakfast.

I even did some fall shopping online (side note, I didn't buy ANY cardigans, *GASP*). Also, we are going to Bear Lake all next week so I would normally have started my packing list last week (I like to be overly prepared) but I have been putting it off! I don't care, I'm doing what I want this week!

Though its been kind of a fun rebellious stage, I am starting to miss my normal schedule. The feeling of accomplishment after finishing the dishes or showering before noon. Its funny that those little things are quite fulfilling when you are home all day.

Lastly, Chad's birthday is NEXT WEEK! Oh what a wonderful spouse I have. We have all of his gifts and he has been quite good this year. Meaning, he has only begged for like 3 presents early. Usually, its a battle until the day of his birthday but he has been very good about it. AND look at this wrapping paper I found for him! The Avengers! I may have found it in the kids section but it was PERFECT and I can't wait to wrap all his gifts in it. I love my big kid :)

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I love me some birthday!

Haley said...

That kills me that Chad begs for his birthday gifts. He is so disciplined about treats and working out that it shocks me he's so ants-in-his-pants about gifts. :)