This is for Real

Roughly, every 2 weeks we have a knock down, drag out, terrible night of sleeping. Its a strange cycle, I have questioned if it has something to do with the waves of the moon. When things get consistent and good, we're bound for a rough night. Is this normal? 

Anywho, we've had a couple of terrible nights because our pup has had some tummy trouble (she has an extremely sensitive tummy, you can read about that here). So, I have had some rough nights already but last night, it all added up to make me one very exhausted Mama. Geddy woke up 3 times after midnight and wouldn't go back down unless he nursed or was rocked to sleep. It was a night where I laid in bed, listening to him cry, and thought "who is this Demon child?" but then as I was nursing him I thought "well, he is pretty dang cute". 

Oh, I am a push over, I just love him like crazy. 

I should probably let him cry it out but its hard. Also, he gets in some compromising positions where his legs will be hanging out of his crib or he will get stuck in a corner. Yet, the Doctor says no bumpers. Oh well, this too shall pass. 

After a rough night like that, I awake feeling so groggy with allergies out for revenge. My nose is like a drippy faucet. Best part, I'm rockin' some sexy hair:

Its Samurai meets Saved by the Bell. Awesome. Face hidden on purpose.

Though its been a tough 12 hours, I know tomorrow will be more pleasant. But until then, our apartment will be a mess, I will enjoy a marathon of Law and Order, and eat a ridiculous amount of White Cheddar Cheez-Its.

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

The samurai topknot is a symbol of great honor, used traditionally to help a samurai's helmet stay atop one's head.You bring great honor to our family.

Haley said...

I second Chad's comment. You're practically Mulan. Anywho, your very practical yet optimistic attitude of "oh well, it will get better tomorrow" is a lesson that took me a long time to learn. Oh wait, I'm still trying to learn it. :)