Trending: Florals and Stripes

This isn't really a new trend, its been around for quite sometime but I absolutely love it. The whole mixing patterns thing is definitely popular, as of late, but my favorite combo would have to be stripes and florals.


Always being a lover of stripes (like, to a sickening degree), it was an easy transition to loving stripe's partner in crime, florals. The bigger the print the better.


Striped pieces plague my closet. My struggle is to find the perfect floral top or skirt. A bold floral pencil skirt, that is appropriately priced, would make me giddy but I would be happy with a nice top as well. I am shocked by my struggle to find either items, I figured that because of the popularity of the style that the search would be an easy one. Maybe the pattern's popularity is why it seems scarce?

Anyway, my search continues!

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

the last pic is very Jean Seberg

Jon said...

my personal favorite trend is Stars and stripes. USA! USA! USA!

Sephira said...

I think i'm the same. I have a lot of striped things but im more picky when it comes to floral things :)

Alison said...

I like your collection of stripes and florals. It's a trend that I admire but have yet to try.