Once things started looking up.

Today was a weird day. The day started awesome; we went to a doctor appointment, I got some lunch but then ended with me losing our house keys and driving all over Provo getting a new copy. Lame. I would like to say that I was super patient and good about it but I had a moment where I was using some mild profanity under my breath (the baby was asleep so he didn't hear anything:)) and was so mad at myself for not only losing the keys but for letting it get to me as well.

The past week has been really awesome, I have been loving my time with Geddy, enjoying time at home, and have been blessed with major patience. Today I feel like I was kind of a butt head and let silly things get to me. Totally my own fault! Sorry for a lame post, I don't want sympathy but I am just letting this out so I don't ruin the rest of my day.

Here is to a good end to a weird day! The next 6 hours are going to be positive and if something crappy happens, I am going to bury it with laughter.

Happy Monday!


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