8 Months Old

8 months old! This last month has been such a treat. As Geddy gets older he becomes happier and more fun. Our little dude still loves to eat and sleeps like a dream at night. Still not the best napper but he does his best. Geddy is always really good to eat his solids but gets aggressively inpatient while waiting for food to be served. He will sit in his high chair and holler at me while I stir his cereal or green beans. He wants food and he wants it now! 

Almost fell off the couch.
Peeking around the camera to see me. 

Geddy has started to army crawl and scoots all over the place. Though he hasn't began to crawl yet, he has started to rock back and forth on his knees. He has gotten so close but gets spooked and lays flat on his tummy. Our little dude wants so badly to crawl, I imagine he is going to be quite the terror once he does. Even while just scooting, he grabs cords, phones, but the most enticing item, the Pup's food kong. He loves it and wants to suck all over it. 

Sitting but on the move.
SO close to crawling.
Loves cords.

Still no teeth and no words. He says da da da but I don't think he has made any connection to people and words yet. Geddy boy doesn't jump as much as he used to but still likes to have a change of position. He is constantly rolling over during diaper changes, I have to sing loud and boistrous songs to keep his attention. Our little dude grabs at EVERYTHING. He loves to be tickled and Daddy is the funnest person in this house. 

Grabbing for the camera.
Army crawling and reaching for the camera.
Loves being tickled.

Our buddy is such a joy and is at such a fun age! Its amazing to watch him grow, learn, and progress. Geddy loves Bobbie and has become more focused on getting to her but our Pup is very aware of whats happening. She stays on her toes and is ready to dart away if needed. 

Pup jumped up into the spot and was ready for her turn.

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

I love how Bobbie always jumps in for her turn in the spotlight. And I want so badly to be a fly on the wall for your loud and boisterous singing!

Chad de Lisle said...

ha ha ha! I love these pics!