Face Mask

I am not a cosmetics person. I wear makeup and such but am by no means an expert. Honestly, I have been using the same face wash and lotion since 14. I believe thats a big no no but its worked pretty well for me thus far. I was at the grocery store looking for MY FAVORITE fruit snacks (they are no where to be found! :( I have checked 4 grocery stores) when I saw a little wrack that had different facial masks. Its been years since I had done a mask on my face and thought it would be fun. Bonus, this one time mask was only $1.37.

There were all different "flavors" of mask but I chose this mint lemon one because it sounded divine.   

The product. Very creamy.

You can use this mask on your face and neck but I have issues with anything touching my neck so I just made it especially thick on my face. But not on your eyes! It took about 15 minutes to dry. Then I washed it off with warm water. It was fun. My skin felt nice and soft but I don't know that anything else changed. Mostly, it was just fun to pretend to be in a spa. If only I had cucmuber slices and someone rubbing my feet.

So cute.

Overall, I would totally buy another one sometime. It was cheap and I didn't break out afterward so why not.

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

I'm so mad I missed this! I was at work! ha ha ha (you look super cute)

Haley said...

I love your random product reviews. My old roommate, who works for NuSkin, gave me one of their face masks. I too am not a cosmetics person, but my skin really does feel smoother and softer after using it. If only I had the time ...

Elizabeth said...

Oooo! Maybe we should go to a spa sometime! I'll bet it would be fabulous!