Family Photos (Picture Overload)

I can not tell you how excited I was to see these photos. I know I have mentioned before that Chad and I have very few pictures of the two of us, in fact, we only have the ones from our wedding to show. This photo shoot was long over due and highly anticipated for us. We wanted them to turn out so nice so we could have them forever and show document our little family's existence. 

Heather Telford did our photos and did a fabulous job. She was so friendly and made us feel really comfortable (especially because Chad and I were feeling strangely nervous). She was amazing with Geddy and worked quickly, very professional. I would suggest her to absolutely everyone, she does a fantastic job! Check out her website.

All boy. Through and through. 
The only time Geddy would smile was when he was being
thrown in the air.
My Handsome Fellas.
A smile! Its a miracle. 

The funniest thing about this shoot was our little Geddy. He never cried or acted cross but he refused to smile. Heather was doing all sorts of things and making fun noises and Geddy just stared straight into her camera with a face of steel. She commented on what a good baby he was because he was incredibly pleasant but laughed because he was so serious. She was kind enough to say that it didn't matter because he was handsome. I would agree. 

One of my favorites. I am forcing him to get close to me.
You can tell on his face that he doesn't like that.
I really love this one. Kinda cheesy but so sweet.

Another favorite. All eyes are blue. 

We are so pleased with the outcome. Heather did a fabulous job and made us look better than we do in real life. Total success. Sorry there are so many, I actually only displayed a fraction of what we received.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

These are beautiful! She did a fantastic job! I love the one where you are snuggling Geddy. You look so beautiful and it's so candid.

And I love the one of just you and Chad in the grass and you are cozying up to eachother. You both look so happy and real.

I also love the one of you guys in the grass. The three pairs of blue eyes are stunning.

Hang on to that photographer for sure!