Hey Hey Hey, Shoe of the Day!

Wow, this weekend was busy! I loved having Chad home more than normal but we were especially occupied with family activities and multiple date nights with delicious food. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of any of it really, totally dropped the ball.

Chad also started night classes so that has changed things up a bit. I am actually looking forward to staying home today and doing normal household things. Like: vacuuming (lets be honest, I probably won't do this one), walking the dog, calling my big Sissy (its been too long!), trying to coordinate family picture outfits, and moping around the kitchen because I can't find anything to eat (even though our cupboards are full, story of my life).

In the mean time, here is a shoe of the day! I wore these on Sunday with a lipstick red pencil skirt and gray blouse. The color combo was bangin', totally pleased. This is another pair that I got several years back at PAYLESS. Gotta love that. My friend actually bought them first and then I went back and got the same pair. I have always loved them. So feminine and the nude color is incredibly versatile. I plan to hang on to them for several more years. Because when it comes to clothes, I am a pack rat. Big time.

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

Those are really cute heels! I'm a big fan of nude shoes.