Review: Facial Cleansing Cloths

So, this is a tiny bit embarrassing to admit but...I watch make-up videos on YouTube. Let me preface this a bit. As mentioned before, I am not a makeup person. I know how to do your basic stuff like contouring and choosing foundation and blah blah blah but I totally stick with the basics.

I have used the same powder foundation since I was about 16, I mean, the same brand/formula, I obviously bought new ones (I am not that gross). Once I had a baby though, my skin, (like my body) did bonky things. The foundation started to look really weird on my skin, super cakey. Because we had family pictures coming up, I wanted to find a different foundation so I didn't look like a hot mess. Thats why I started to watch videos, so I could hear reviews on different foundations.

While watching these videos, I also saw a review on some facial cleansing cloths. This intrigued me. Not being a makeup guru, I have always just used face lotion to remove my eye makeup. Is that bad? I don't know, it seems like its not a good thing to do but it worked for me. I thought it may be good to switch to something more specific for my needs. I also always felt like my skin wasn't very clean by just washing my foundation off with my gentle face cleanser. I was wanting a real good clean feeling after I removed my makeup which I was not achieving. SO, I picked some cleansing cloths up from Walmart (also, I only use drug store brand makeup and cosmetics, nothing fancy).

So, I have started using the Olay 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cleansers (for combination/oily skin, there are different types) and I really  love them! I don't wear foundation every day, just for days where I have something fun going on. On those fun foundation days, I will remove my makeup with the Olay Facial Cloth (you can remove eye makeup with them as well) and exfoliate with the bumpy side (there is a smooth side and bumpy side of the cloths). Again, I don't use these everyday, maybe 3 times a week.

After I remove my makeup with the cloth, I follow it by washing my face with a gentle face wash (I use Cetaphil, this is an important step!). Following the gentle cleanser, I moisturize like crazy. My face feels amazing by the end. Totally worth it. As mentioned above, I found these at Walmart for about $7. Chad has even noticed a difference in my skin, it looks smoother and I have avoided common little break outs. Nice!

Some other things that I learned about while being a big girl and learning about makeup:

*Easy Way to Clean Makeup Brushes at home (with Baby Shampoo!)

*If you have acne on your forehead, it can be because your not drinking enough water. If on your nose and cheeks, it can be affiliated with an allergy. And if its on your chin, its often hormonal. Kinda nifty?

*Extra Virgin Olive oil can be a great Eye Makeup remover. And it can supposedly moisturize and encourage eye lash growth!

If you already knew these tricks, don't laugh, I just learned them :)

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

I seriously need to take a makeup class. I've been doing my makeup the same since I secretly started wearing it in 8th grade. Seriously, very few changes to my routine since the 90s. Eeck!