Last Night

Last night we had the pleasure of going to some of our best friends' house for a BBQ. We have such spectacular friends. I feel ever so lucky that Chad's buddies have taken me under their wings so willingly (as I force them to let me under their wing with sheer Sass and Treats).

Chad and the Babe.

Rikki, Steve, Aj, and Zach. Aj does it again. 

Cherry (she has a baby in just a few weeks!!), Jon, and Rikki.

Chad and Zach both had Birthdays this Summer and we never celebrated! How sad is that? They were both shocked that after so many years of being best friends, they didn't even see each other on their Birthdays. Chad and I both feel strongly that we need to do better at getting together with these special people. They are just like family to us, we feel so fortunate.

Now that we have Geddy Boy, we are first to arrive and leave at parties. Its hard because we weren't able to see some of our friends as they were coming later in the evening but as any parent would agree, Bed Time is all business, you don't mess around.

We just gathered together and chatted and ate delicious hot dogs followed by Birthday Cake, Lemon Bars, and Pumpkin Cookies. Total success! Chad found throwing knives and bought them for Zach's Birthday. All of the men found them quite entertaining. I also got to meet Zach and Cherry's newest family member, Ramses their BEAUTIFUL Great Dane pup. I meant to take a photo but was far too distracted by his gigantic puppy paws and heavy floppy ears. The word handsome is an understatement. I nearly took him home with me but knew that it would give our own little lady pup a heart attack.

Cherry made this awesome cake. It says C+Z=Love because there is a major Bromance
going on between these two. 

The men...with their throwing knives.

It was a wonderful night and a great way to send off Summer. We love our friends and missed those that we didn't see. Thank you for being amazing each and everyone of you.

Happy Saturday!



Chad de Lisle said...

Throwing Knives, Eating Brats, and Meeting Ramses-- Excellent.

Chad de Lisle said...

P.S. I ate three pieces of that cake this weekend, well done Cherry!