Look Who Has Arrived

This month I got the Free People Catalog. To give you some background, I have previously been a big fan of the brand. I worked at TBD in Nordstrom for quite some time so I sold a lot of their product but have been horribly disappointed with the brand in the recent years. They took the boho style so far that the models looked like malnourished homeless people. I mean, I can get onboard with Hippy Chic or Bohemian inspired style but if taken too far, it just looks silly. Has anyone else felt that way in the past few years?

I was so pleasantly surprised to find this catalog include a bit of a fresh rocker chic style. They still have the elements of bohemian but paired it with the a rocker edge, totally Kate Moss walking. I really loved a lot of the ensembles. It was a very pleasant surprise.

That jacket! 
Casual layering. Casual cool.
Perfect makeup. The cat eye liner and pink lip. Also, Hair and shirt are awesome.
Ignore passed out man on her shoulder though...

Hello Tiger. Love it.
Again, that jacket! Also, the bag is pretty great.

Though I myself don't do the "Rocker" style very often (I would say I am more Geek La Femme) I still really appreciated the change. I felt like this catalog was much stronger than their past several. My favorite thing was their incredible coats/jackets and the layering. Totally effortless but mega cool. As mentioned earlier, I usually have beef with their models. Though these models were still too skinny, I loved their makeup and hair. The careless waves and cat eye liner, perfect!

Layering perfection.
I would never feel comfortable in this jumper but I LOVE it.
From head to toe: shoes, jacket,jumper. All of it.
This is my favorite look. That coat is gorgeous.
Love the sweater. And the girl next to her looks awesome. 
Another favorite. I love that its simple with a pop from
the jacket.
Boho chic. Love everything, especially those BOOTS!
COAT. Incredible.

There you have it. All my favorites from their recent catalog. I now have a glimmer of hope that the brand hasn't completely derailed from the fashion tracks. Well done Free People, keep it up.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

I have no idea what on earth you're talking about. Boho? Geek la WHAT? I am clearly really, really clueless. I'm glad you love me anyway! :)

Jenny said...

I love the shirt with the pin-tucks.

Fun fact: Here in rural Georgia, convicts ACTUALLY sport black and white striped jumpsuits and can be spotted around the county doing various manual-labor sorts of jobs. Not a look I'll be sporting.

Aaron + Kayti said...

okay. i got this in the mail tuesday & literally dog-earred, every, single page. noooooow, to win a million bucks so i can actually wear those clothes . . . <3