Pack Walk Up the Canyon

Chad and I are very fortunate to have friends that are major dog lovers like ourselves. Last night, a few of us went up the canyon a bit to celebrate Bernie's (the Daschund) birthday. He is 8 years old! I could tell that he was aging because he has white hair on his nose and paws but he acts as youthful and spirited as the rest of the pups. I have always adored Bernie, I have been fortunate to know him for years. It would be fair to say that I grew up with him because I was always at Christie's house in my youth. Bernie is a playful pup who is curious and strong, even for his small stature and loves babies. 

It was a gamble to take Geddy up because it was so close to his bedtime. He did really well for about 30 minutes and then he had enough and wanted out. So, Daddy carried him all the way down the mountain. Daddy is the best.

Christie, Bernie (Dachshund), Rosemary (Shih Tzu), Zelda Mae (Redbone Coonhound), Brandon, and Bobbie Dylan (Mini Schnauzer). 
Geddy and I at the park up Provo Canyon. I am looking hot, per usual.
The hounds at play!

We walked on the path for about 20 minutes and then arrived at one of the parks. It was a BEAUTIFUL walk. In fact, I am really upset that I didn't take photos of the changing leaves, duh. The park was pretty vacant which was especially nice. We found a more secluded area and let the pups of their leash so they could have a good romp. They all did really well. Chad and I were especially proud of Bobbie Dylan. She tends to be more nervous and quite the diva. Plus, it has been a really long time since she had seen her doggy friends so we didn't know how well she would warm up to them. Again, she totally blew us away, even with big Zelda (who she is usually a little sheepish around because of the size difference). She played a bit and explored like crazy, all with a big doggy smile on her face.

Geddy and Brandon. Geddy was fascinated by Brandon's beard but then realized how tired
he was and started crying. No offense Brandon :) Bobbie hiding in the background.
Zelda Mae. Incredibly sweet and majestic. 
Bobbie Dylan getting loves. She did amazing, so proud of her. 
Chad and the Babe. Can you find Bernie? 
Rosemary. She is shy but unbelievably sweet.

To close, it was an amazing success! It made me remember, yet again, that we need to do this more often.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

Rosemary looks like Ms. Poo! Little bow in the hair and all. Good memories.

Chad de Lisle said...

love your cute headband!