Shoe of the Day

Shoe of the day! I really love this pair (don't I say that about every pair?). Surprisingly very comfortable but most of all, SO versatile. Dress them up or down, they can go with almost everything. 

I got them from Old Navy when we were first married, nearly 5 years ago. They have really stood the test of time. By no means fantastic quality and totally faux leather, I am still a huge fan. Go Old Navy. 

Also, can we talk about the nail polish that I am wearing? I LOVE it. Just barely got it the other day and its my FAVORITE. Why am I so obsessed with the color gray? Weird, right? Anyway, something that I adore about this polish is not only the color but that it is a quick drying formula which is totally required for any Mama. I don't have 2 hours for them to completely dry, this is suppose to take 60 seconds (or something like that). And it was only like $1.75 or something like that. Whenever I paint my nails, I ALWAYS put on 2 coats. I like it to be opaque and it feels like it lasts longer.

Nail Polish Color: 270 Sidewalkers 

Happy Tuesday!


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Elizabeth said...

I have that color! I love it! I just did red toes, and grey is in queue!