Sisters Night Out

Saturday night, my sister/sister-in-laws had a chance to grab a bite to eat and attend a viewing of the Women's Conference. After a really sketchy day, I was relieved to take a night out with some wonderful ladies and really reenergize. It was absolutely heavenly.

It was especially nice because my Parents are going on their second mission (this time to Washington, DC!) and it was really lovely having my Mom with us. She is one special lady and will be missed terribly (so will my Dad, of course).

Here are some quick photos from our dinner.

Holly, Charlene, and Maggie
Me and Heidi
Maggie and Elizabeth

Also, the blog got a little bit of a facelift! You like? Hope so.

Happy Sunday!



Haley said...

Love the blog facelift. So clean and crisp. I'm so glad you ladies go together! Everyone looks beautiful all dressed up. *sniff, sniff* I miss you.

Chad de Lisle said...

love the new look!!