The Charmed Life

Contrary to our week, this weekend was amazing. Saturday and Sunday were filled with a crazy amount of Daddy time, delightful food, multiple walks, and relaxation. On Saturday morning, our little family went on a walk to the park. One reason that I wish we had a yard is so our Pup could just run free. Though I am a FIRM believer that every dog should be walked daily regardless of a yard or not (yards do not replace walks people!) it is nice to see our pup be able to run free. We try and get her to some kind of safe area where she can be free about once a week. 

This week we went to a memorial park that is near our apartment. I don't think we are technically suppose to let her off her lead but Chad was next to her the whole time and we made sure we weren't close to anyone else (we are such rebels). It was such spectacular weather, not quite hot but not too cool. While the Pup and Papa ran and played, Geddy and I watched on the grass. Not only does the Pup love to be outside but the Babe does too. 

It was the perfect way to start our perfect weekend. Luckily, I brought my camera this time so I have a ridiculous amount of pictures of my baby and dog. Sorry dudes, this is happening. 

Our Little Lady, Bobbie Dylan. She is one Sassy Broad.  
He loves being outside. The grass doesn't bother him at all.
Smiles for his Daddy.
So satisfied after a good romp with Daddy.

One of Bobbies favorite things to do is roll in the grass. We usually don't let her because its kind of gross but because she needed a bath anyway, we let her just do whatever she wanted. She rolled and rolled and rolled. 

Feet in the air. She really gets into it.
Happy Guy.
Relaxing after some hard play. 
Running with Daddy. This is her favorite.
We live in such a beautiful place. Look at those Mountains. Gorgeous.

There was this girl who was doing all sorts of aerobics in the park which was cracking me up. Because I am creepy, I took a picture of her, hahaha. If this is you, I am sorry but you are in a public place so...free game.

Doin' some push ups. Go girl. 

Happy Monday!



Haley said...

1. That is so the park where Ty proposed! Right there, underneath the monument.
2. I love Chad's yankees hat.
3. I love Geddy's toothless grin. Oh he was all smiles, wasn't he?
4. The other day at the park there was a dude doing yoga. Guy doing yoga trumps girl doing aerobics. Odd.

Chad de Lisle said...

Those pics turned out SO good!! We need to do that again soon! Also, if we ever seen anyone doing Tai Chi that trumps guy doing yoga and girl doing aerobics.