Under the Cap, More than 5 Years Ago

Chad was wonderful and wrote this incredible post about when we first met. It is the PERFECT description of our encounter. This may be my VERY favorite post ever on this blog. Brilliance.

"When I first met Hilary, she was wearing a beanie. It was a little skull-cap knit- vintage stitched- hat, the kind that wore the winter when you were a kid. She seemed shy. Her hands were buried in the pockets of a sky-blue winter coat, faded by years. The coat was an ode to a family who valued utility over appearance; if it stilled worked, why replace it? Hil was tall and slender, especially next to her loud friend (who was funny in a needy sort of way), and her eyes trapped me all night. A TV buzzed classic Tim Burton faire in the background, but we were ignorant bystanders, dedicated to exploring the intersections of our lives.

We shared a common friend, a best friend really, and we found it hard to believe that our social circles had remained aloof through the years. Of course we blamed him, the source of our mutual distance, and endeavored to find the bits of our lives that overlapped. I recall a distinct frustration (but not really), because she seemed to say so little of herself--which was the opposite of her companion-- and it left me wanting. Specifically, I wanted to see her hair. 

I thought, "what kind of hair-cut is she hiding under that hat?" I couldn't see any bits poking through the loose weave of the fabric, and there was even less evidence around the edges. Somehow our conversation pushed the point (I forget who brought it up), and my wish was gratified. Off came the cap and a messy tangle of boy-short brown hair joined us. 

The version of myself that was sitting in that basement would probably deny that he had made any decisions at that point--but today I know that by the end of the night I wanted that girl for keeps.

Something about Hil made me honest. Every instinct that I had ever followed in regards to the opposite sex was ignored that night. Dungeons and Dragons, video games, Japanese Club (of which I was Vice President... Thank you), nothing was sacred. Perhaps I believed, in some strange way, that if showed her my soul (even the embarrassing parts) maybe I could peek at hers? Maybe she could explain why I felt like I already knew her? 

I'll never forget that evening when I met the shy girl in the beanie; because it didn't feel like a meeting, it felt like a reunion. I love you Hil."

Thanks Chad, you never cease to amaze me!

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

Man, that boy can WRITE. Love this note. After reading this, I turned to Ty and said, "Do you remember what I was wearing the first time you met me? Because Chad sure remembers what Hilary was wearing!!" Luckily, Ty remembered.

Rob&Kami said...

So cute Hilary...you guys are seriously cute