9 Months Old

***This was one of the most frustrating photo shoots ever. I tried doing it with different lighting so it all looks really weird. Then little mister would not hold still for the life of me! But he was pretty cute anyway so its okay :)

At 8 1/2 months. One of my favorite pictures of Geddy. 

Holy crap! We are already at 9 months! Can you believe it? I can't. Little dude is becoming quite the big boy. He is moving like crazy. Scooting, crawling, pulling himself up on things (I found him standing in his crib yesterday), finding naughty things to play with. Oh cords, how much he loves you. He reaches for people, toys, the pup, all sorts of stuff. He is incredibly inpatient when in his high chair and wants to eat the food that you are eating. Loves water bottles because he thinks they are filled with milk (he is sorely disappointed when he realizes nothing comes out).

His skin has been going crazy. I think because of the cold and drool.
Any ideas of how to help?

Our main man loves eating. Solids, breast milk, formula, you name it. He loves fruits and veggies alike, even his cereal. No teeth yet, I expect them any day now, I even thought he started getting one the other day. Still no verdict on that. Also, we are waiting for that full head of hair to grow in. We have been fortunate enough to only experience two colds (I'm sure Winter will change that). Geddy's favorite toys (other than cords) are his little rubber bath toys. Perfect for chewing and just the right size for his little boy hands to grasp onto. He loves going on walks and being outside. He has started to do better in his car seat, even being pleasant when awake.

He barely holds still long enough to have his diaper changed. Daddy is his favorite person by far (even though Mama is a close second...kinda). He lights up when he sees his Daddy walk in the door, even starts to cry if Daddy doesn't pick him up immediately. If you walk out of a room, Geddy will crawl/scoot to try and find you. The other day, I found him scooting under our bed (we have a very tall bed). I could hear him but didn't see him, I looked under the bed and low and behold, there he was! He still has no idea what "No" means but has started to say Da da (doesn't connect it to the person though). Our mister loves being tickled and wrestling. One of his favorite things is to see himself in the mirror. Everytime, he makes a refreshing coo almost as to say "Oh hey!". He thinks he is quite handsome indeed.

He would not hold still! 
Wiggle worm.
I know its really blurry but that face made me giggle.

Even though Geddy has always been a great sleeper, he has begun to recognize when you leave the room. We have started to run into the problem of putting him down for a nap and he being very upset because he misses us and wants to play. We are trying to figure that whole thing out. We haven't had a lot of success with the "cry it out" method, I am trying to find a balance of something that works for Geddy. Lots of trial and error, it can be frustrating. However, any Mother can tell you that one problem today, a new problem next week. We just have to wait it out sometimes. Little dude has his 9 month appointment next week so we will see how big he is getting. I always get nervous that he hasn't grown at all and that I am failing. Is that a normal fear?

We love Geddy so much, he is a really good baby and very pleasant for the most part. I feel so blessed to be his Mama and to be able to spend so much time with him. What an incredible gift.

Happy Wednesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

Big boy! He's getting huge!

Haley said...

Oh I love this baby! There is something about him that reminds me of Abby - must be the bald head and blue eyes. :) Abby has eczema on her face and we oil her up with tons of vaseline. You might try that.