A Very Special Arrival

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. Chad had a major tooth ache. Correction, he has had a tooth ache for nearly 3 days. Poor man. He stayed home from work and we went to a dentist and ran some errands and my whole day was just thrown off. Big time. Also, I was talked into buying a bunch of extra treats at 711 by a scary fellow behind the counter. I just kept adding stuff so he would stop talking to me. It was super weird (can we also talk about the fact that I have spent so much money at 711 this past week. I've just really been needing Coke Slurpees. Its been disgusting).

Even though the day was off, we had a chance to meet a very special person. Two of our closest friends, Zach and Cherry, had their baby on Monday. Since we got the news of his arrival, I have been dying to hold him. And I must say, he did NOT disappoint. Winston is his name and he is absolutely beautiful. Geddy and Winston are roughly 9 months apart and we believe will be fast friends. 

Baby Winston

Zach and Chad have been best friends since the wee age of 5 years old. They are quite the pair. You may have noticed snide comments here on my blog directed to a certain "Zach" character. This is that same Zach and we have a bit of a love/hate relationship (not really, he actually introduced my to Chad. So I should technically be forever grateful to him...whatever.) But really, he has been a very close friend since high school and then he married Cherry who fit in so naturally. Love them both like crazy. SO (sorry about the major tangent), when they announced that they were having a little dude themselves, dreams of our two little boys becoming like their fathers danced in our heads.   

It was so strange to think that Geddy was once this small. The visit brought back a flood of memories, some good and some incredibly stressful. But ultimately, special memories of Geddy's birth that I hope I never forget. Holding little Win made me want to take him home with me (but I then remembered our first two weeks home with Geddy and quickly felt that Zach and Cherry should take him home for sure).

Little Winston truly brightened my day. We are so glad he is here and love him (and his parents) so very much. This little boy already feels like family.

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

What a sweet baby! I love the name Winston too. I totally feel the same way when I hold a newborn - slightly bittersweet that my baby is so big, but slightly relieved that my baby isn't a newborn. :)

Chad de Lisle said...

holy crap I love this little guy!

Elizabeth Olson said...

WINSTON! So cute! Hurray for Zach and Cherry! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow? You look at a newborn and think- no way was my babe that small! Sending love and lots of sleep (fingers crossed) to z&c