Big Boy Food

We have started to really focus our efforts on introducing Geddy to big boy food. Obviously, we are still doing cereal and baby food but are also throwing in some cheese, bread, yogurt, canned fruit, etc. As I was discussing with the doctor about the process, I was so dense, I couldn't register what he was telling me. I don't know what my problem was so I called my sister and she taught me the ways of introducing real solids. Since then, we have had a great time with this experience. 

He loves it. Specifically yogurt and cheese, bread is tasty as well. He is not a big fan of canned peaches though (we cut them up and put small chunks for him to eat), I think they are a bit tangy for him because we get the sugar free kind. We'll keep trying. 

I recorded this video on my phone for Chad because when we were starting solids for the first time while Chad was at work and he wanted to see how it went. Pardon the poor quality and yes, he has some peas on his face. Annnnnd, ignore my voice, I sound so irritating.

Happy Wednesday!


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