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Here is a quick update on life as of late. 

Reading. Nothing super specific actually. I tend to go in waves of reading everything to reading nothing. I am currently in the reading nothing phase. BUT, my darling spouse has put together a little bit of a book club (which includes handmade bookmarks and an interesting packet of articles) so that we and a few pals can read the Hobbit before the movie. He is a Professor in the making, bless him. That should be starting in the next little bit.

Watching. Okay, so, I am slightly embarrassed to admit but I have finished watching Pretty Little Liars (its on Netflix). Its this awful show on ABC Family (I am kind of appalled by the content that they have on a specific "family" channel). When I say awful, I mean horrible acting and bogus story lines but its insanely entertaining. And quite spooky taboot! Definitely a guilty pleasure.

I also started watching Vampire Diaries because I have had many tell me its amazing. I watched the first episode and absolutely hated it. Both the male leads drove me nuts (one looks like a woman and the other is dull) and the girl has the husky voice of a smoker and is miserably bland. It was way too much, even for me. I am thinking about giving it another episode or two but its looking grim. Take note I have never been a fan of the whole Twilight-esq stories and this one seems right down that alley. Funny enough, I am a gigantic Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I think thats why I have beef with these other "Vampire Romance" stories.

On a similar note, I am excited to announce that Chad has begun to watch Buffy with me for his first time (any my 5th time?...I think, yikes). I married a good man, he is excited to join the Buffy-verse and get submerged even deeper into a Whedon hole. Its a lovely hole to be in. I've also been watching General Conference (see below in "Loving" segment).

Thinking About. How busy life has seemed since September. Though my own routine has changed minimally, Chad's has become much busier. Because of his change in routine, I have been trying to really support him which means me doing more bath times and running more errands on my own. Its something that I am more than happy to do but it does make life seem like its whirling past me.

Loving. Watching General Conference. Twice a year, the leaders of the LDS church give speeches that are so uplifting and inspirational. Its like a kick in the pants and a great way to start a new season. I always feel so motivated and inspired after these wonderful conferences. They are truly a blessing. Feel free to tune in here!

Also, loving: my little dude. I have been reflecting on how grateful I am to just have him. To change his stinky diapers or drag him away from computer cords. He is a really good boy. Even though he has a spit fire streak in him, he is very happy and quite easy to please. I am also so grateful for Chad, he is working his butt off and his so happy to do it. Bless him and his greatness.

Happy Sunday!



Haley said...

From what I've seen of the Vampire Diaries, it is definitely not down my alley. I love that Chad is starting a book club. I wish I was nearby because I'd totally join!

Jenna Christensen said...

I also vote NO to Vampire Diaries. My sister and brother in law were way into it for a while until they started watching something that is actually worth watching.

Speaking of which, I have a new suggestion for you if you haven't seen it yet. Supernatural (on Netflix). We started watching it this summer and it's pretty freaking amazing (at least the first 5 seasons plus a bit of the sixth are). I almost recommend it as highly as Buffy just so you know how much I want you to watch it.

I'm glad Chad is watching Buffy, but I'm more happy about the fact that you've seen it 5 times now in... what, three years? That's the best news I've had all day.