Geddy's Favorite Books (9 Months)

I have seen multiple blogs showcasing their children's favorite books as of late and I couldn't help but jump on the band wagon. One of my all time favorite activities is cuddling up with Geddy and reading with him. It's incredible that even at his young age he can focus enough to enjoy a few books. We make it a goal to read books every single day, even if they are simple and short.

While I was pregnant with Geddy, I purchased several picture books that will be really fun to read when our Little Dude gets a bit older. Until then, we have become more familiar to the touch and feel books and hard books that are short and sweet.

I See A Monster by Laurie Young

This is a "Touch and Feel Book" and its one of my favorites that I have seen. Its a simple story about a little boy who goes around his house and finds all the different monsters hiding here and there. Geddy always gets excited when he sees the little boy on each page, almost more excited than the monsters.

Each page unfolds to show where the monsters are hiding.
A mirror! Geddy's favorite.

Why we love it: this book is about twice the size of most of the mini touch and feel books. Not only is it larger but the boldness and uniqueness of each texture is impressive. The best part of all, at the end of the book, there is a mirror and Geddy is so thrilled each time he sees his reflection. Super fun.

The Lost Treasure of the Dragon's Cave by Martin Taylor 

To be super honest, I was incredibly hesitant to get a pop up book. I have seen so many torn and abused which makes my heart hurt but this one seemed special. Its a short story about a daring journey to find hidden gold. They come across scary animals on each page (all of which are pop ups) and must quickly continue down the path.

Really impressive pop ups!
The dragon on the last page.

Why we love it: though hesitant, this pop book had to be purchased because it was about adventuring and dragons. Dungeons and Dragons anyone? Yeah, it was too nerd-tastic to turn down. I feel as if its his first taste of the imaginary delightfulness of adventuring fantasy. Next stop, buying his first set of dice (once they are no longer a choking hazard). Geddy loves seeing each page pop out at him and we use caution whenever he tries grabbing it. Also, we keep this one up high so he can't get to it while we aren't looking. I will do everything in my power to make this pop up book last!   

Farm Alarm by Jack Tickle

Farm Alarm is a charming story about a Rooster and his duties of waking all the animals on the farm. It also includes a little button on the top right that, when pushed, crows like a Rooster.

Why we love it: This one is probably Geddy's current favorite. He loves all the bright colors and is especially fond of the noisy button. My favorite part is the very last page when the Rooster arrives home ready to rest but all his chicks exclaim "Time to Play!" Each time I point out the Daddy, Mama, Baby Chicks, and the Little Mouse which I say is Bobbie Dylan (our pup). That last page is what prompted by to choose this book, it reminds me of our when Chad gets home from work.

Checking out the dragon.
Finding himself in the mirror.

It's a dangerous thing, going into the kid's section of Barnes and Noble. I could seriously spend so much money on kids books. They almost make me emotional, I get so excited. I can't wait to expand our library for Geddy, I hope he grows to truly appreciate stories like his Father and Mother.

Happy Thursday!



Chad de Lisle said...

These pics turned out SO good!!
You chose great books!

Haley said...

I love kids books too! I wish I had oodles and oodles of money to spend on good kids books. Teaching your kid to love books is a huge gift.