Halloween: Old Man

I actually love Halloween. It is the beginning of the cold weather, it is the first of my three favorite Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), and it's just fun. Though the past several years I haven't been terribly festive, it's still a long time favorite. 

I really battled with the idea of dressing Geddy up for Halloween. We aren't doing any parties and he will be asleep by the time it gets dark so I kept shirking it off and thinking that it wouldn't really matter if I didn't. Yet, Halloween finally came and I figured we should do a little something. We will be happy to know that we did later on. 

I considered getting Geddy one of the nice animal costumes because I love animals so much but those are shockingly pricey. I got creative and realized I could do a really easy costume with things we already had. Plus, with Geddy already being rather bald, an old man was an easy costume to create. I cut out some eye brows from gray felt that I already had, colored on a few wrinkles with an eyebrow pencil, put on old man socks, cardigan with elbow patches, and a tie. Voila! 

Old Man socks.
We used lots of toys to distract him from pulling off the eyebrows.

All in all, I was rather pleased with how it turned out. We literally spent $0 and it was pretty dang cute. Immediately after the pictures were taken, he finally found the eyebrows on his forehead and pulled them off. It was definitely short lived.

Happy Wednesday AND Happy Halloween!!!


P.S. Geddy has his first tooth coming in! I didn't even realize it until I felt it yesterday and it has already broken through the gums. He was quite the champ through the whole thing, one tough little dude.


Chad de Lisle said...

what a classy chap. this turned out amazing.

Haley said...

That is so cute! I too love those squishy animal costumes, but I can't bear to spend the money. Your old man idea is so unique, fun and budget friendly! Maybe you can think of my costume for next year because I have zero creativity.