Just a Little Dude (Picture Overload)

Sometimes I make my bed. And on those "Sometimes" I plop my little dude on the bed, open, the blinds and take pictures. There was no point in taking these photos, he was just being sweet and the evening lighting was nice so we did it. 

I like to take pictures of him when there isn't a purpose. Meaning its not a monthly update post or anything, just candid and fun. I want to see my little dude in his natural element. He is so incredibly amazing. Holy crap, I love him. His poor skin is still struggling. I asked his Pediatrician about it and he said to use Vaseline, which we have been doing religiously but with little success. Does anyone else have any more magic solutions that help? I would love any input. Enjoy!

Getting so close.
I love that you can see his old man hairs in the back.
This picture turned out bizarrely good. I love when that happens.
So focused.
Upside down.
Big Sissy wanted in on the action with her fresh haircut.
Such a ham.

I know this was a lot of images but it was just so fun. I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Just to prove how active he is, here is an out take. I had to take most pictures on the "Action" mode. Such a busy boy.


Chad de Lisle said...

Love these pics, he's hilarious!

Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

So cute! And Chloe had some really bad skin problems around Geddy's age, and we even had to take her to an allergist because foods would really affect her skin and he gave us three prescriptions which are AMAZING!! They are Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment (which is the strongest and you use when they have "breakout" rashers), Fluticasone Propionate Cream (it's the medium strength one we use if we notice little spots starting to happen) and then a prescription of hydrocortisone cream (which we were told to use all of the time to prevent). And we had to use it a lot because food would make her face splotchy and rashy and this cleared and helped a ton. I would assume that the doc could get you a prescription if you tell him the vaseline isn't working.

Haley said...

Good for you for taking pictures just because. You'll treasure all of these photos. And big sissie is looking mighty fine in her haircut. She's looking sharp.