On Trend: Printed Slacks

Received the J.Crew catalogue in the mail this week. It's always a joy to browse through and this particular one showcased a trend that I am ooogling over: the printed slack. We're not talking the floral or cheetah print denim trend that we have been seeing as of late, we're talking 50's call back of the proper housewife printed slack. I love it, it could make anyone look more like a lady with its clean, crisp, fit.   

Love the color of this pair.
Love the mixing of patterns! 

I am especially fond of the idea of pairing these charming slacks with another print, like stripes. Oh stripes, I proclaim my love for you! Reminds me of the floral/stripes combo that I fell for this summer (you can read about that here), so effortlessly cool. I would most likely wear a slack like this with flats or brogues and anything from T-Shirts-Blazers. Now if I can only find a pair of these bad boys that isn't so expensive...

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

I had a pair of brown plaid slacks in 8th grade. I was the bomb. Now they're back in? I should've hung on to those! :)