Review: Bundle Me

Lets talk convenience everyone. I love things that are convenient and comfortable. Thats why, when I am home, I am wearing a baggy hoody and sweats (I love to dress up but when I am home kickin' it, thats all you're gonna get). As well as dressing like a hoodlum when home, I also love the Bundle Me. I received the Bundle Me as a Baby Shower gift before little dude was born. 

This gift was one of those ones where I thought: "Oh, I never thought to get one of those, I'll have to give it a try"

After trying it I thought: "Holy crap, amazing. Where can I get an adult sized one?" 

Thats right, I really love this bad boy. Having a pup that demands to be walked daily and with it becoming really rather brisk out, I have pulled this nifty guy out again. We used this for Geddy when he was just so, so, so, small (ohhhh, tender) because it was the dead of Winter when he was born. It was so much more handy than a blanket that would just slide off. With this, you just zip him in and I could have it while I was carrying his car seat to and fro. Booya.  

I can still use it with the tray.

Now that Mr. Boy is bigger, we have transitioned it to a stroller. I don't know if it is technically meant for a stroller but it works marvelously. Again, so much more convenient than a blanket (which would slide off onto the, sometimes, wet cement in the mornings. Who doesn't loved cuddling up to a cold wet blanket?) The mornings are super chilly (we are often out walking at 7:30 am) but little pup must go out to potty. So, we bundle up like crazy (I am talking onesie, socks, fuzzy jammies, jacket, hat, and the Bundle Me) and head out for a quick brisk walk. Little dude doesn't even make a fuss. 

Still able to use safety straps. No hassle.

Something else that is fiercely convenient about this? The top part zips off. Right now, the afternoons are quite warm (we go on 2 walks each day), so good lookin' baby doesn't need to be that bundled. No problem, just unzip the top part and voila! It is season friendly. My only set back about this is that Geddy will soon out grow out of it. Its a slightly tight fit now, I can still zip him up but when he gets taller it will be tough. Maybe they make a bigger size...? Anyway, totally love this product. We will get a crazy amount of use of it AGAIN this Winter. 

Happy Thursday!


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Haley said...

That is awesome! Seriously, where is the adult version? I could totally use one of those on those bone-chilling mornings.