Shoe of the Day

The other day I had a play date with one of my close friends from High School, Katrina. It was such a delight! She has a darling toddler, Cohen and Geddy loved every minute of him. Geddy felt like Cohen was a big toy, even trying to open mouth kiss him at one point (spooked Cohen a bit, can't blame him). My little dude just has lots of love. I took my camera to our play date but completely forgot to take pictures, so annoyed. 

For our little play date, I pulled out my moccasins. I got these this summer because I LOVED my other moccs (worn here) that were super cheap and from Forever 21. Those cheap ones were my favorite shoes through out my pregnancy. I decided I wanted a more legit pair and so I found these Suede Minnetonka ones on Amazon. They are the most comfortable and warm shoes that I own. I believe they were about $50 but I got them with an Amazon gift card so I think I paid like $3. Score.

The quality of these are pretty awesome, they will definitely last a really long time if I take care of them. I will pair these with skinnies or jeggings all winter long. Maybe throw them with a skirt or dress if I am wanting to make it casual. Also, Chad took out our window AC units so we now have tons of wonderful natural light in our bedroom. Hopefully this will improve my photos a bit!

On a different note, I am so groggy today. This past week I haven't been taking care of myself. Going forward, I am going to step it up and work on a few basic things:

*Go to bed before midnight! Even if its 11:45, it is an improvement.
*Drink water! Chad and I are huge water drinkers but this past week I have slacked on it significantly. And I have noticed the effects of it on my skin. Experiencing some teenage break out currently.
*Eat better! By this I mean, I need to actually make myself lunch instead of snacking on granola bars and fruit snacks all day like a child.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

That's so great that you still get together with your high school friends occasionally. I seriously need to up my water intake. I get all headachey and cranky when I slack off.