Shoe of the Day

Hey all! Sorry for the absence yesterday, life caught up to me and I really didn't have a chance to write about it! I have been so busy as of late.

It's delightfully cloudy out which makes for the perfect time for a Shoe of the Day! This pair I got at Target. I adore Target, the store is superb at taking current fashion trends and recreating them for an affordable price. Which allows Mamas on a budget, such as myself, to have something fun. Score!

I found this particular pair for $19.99. Perfectly fits the Menswear Trend this fall and are quite comfortable taboot! I love the versatility of this shoe, one can easily wear them with jeans, slacks, maybe even a casual skirt and the pop of blue on the bottom gives it a charming kick.

I plan to dress them down with jeans and striped sweaters/cardigans. Thats my uniform these days (actually, all days). These could easily transition to something more dressy like a blazer and button down. How charming, indeed.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Please pardon any typos, I tried to reread all of this but I have tiny little fingers helping me type.

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Haley said...

Don't you love those little fingers that love to help? Just wait until you have four, or six, or eight helping hands. Ha!!