10 Months

10 Months! We are out of the single digits and I can't believe it! Time has flown by, I can barely believe that my little dude with be 1 years old in just two months. At this moment, I almost feel guilty. Like I should have accomplished more than I have in this 10 months but the fact that my boy is still alive and kicking is satisfying enough. 

Geddy is BUSY. Thats the word that Chad and I use to describe him. He is everywhere and focused and moving CONSTANTLY. My favorite thing is when he will gets so focused on something that he starts breathing really heavy. Its quite humorous. Because he is constantly on the move, many of my pictures were blurry, sorry about that. 

Really focused on his diaper.

Little Dude finally got his first tooth! It popped through on his bottom right side of his gums. He has actually been really good through the whole teething thing. We have had a few days where I could tell he didn't feel well but they were short lived and he was usually his pleasant little self. 

You can see a little blurry tooth!

Tantrums are starting to appear, where Geddy will roll on the ground kicking his feet and shouting if we put him down when he wants to be held. He will also shout, its a deep guttural shout, while he is in his high chair waiting for food. Even though he has grumpy moments, they are few and far between. Little Dude is quite social. He still loves babies and people. He will lean over to people he doesn't know so that they will hold him. He really likes people, which we will have to be cautious of as he gets older. Every once in a while he will get a little nervous if he can't see Dad and Mom though. 

Geddy sleeps like a champion. It took us a good 9 months to get on a nap routine but we finally did it. He has been sleeping 11-12 hours straight each night. He loves sleep, which I love as well. He is becoming more picky with food. Now that he has had actual adult food, baby food and oatmeal cereal are less appealing but he loves eating none the less. 

Our fellow has been pulling himself up on things for more than a month now. He is even learning to stand without any help from anything, meaning he will go from sitting to standing without pulling himself on anything. Its quite miraculous. We're expecting to see some steps here in the near future. 

What a wonderful blessing he is. I am so lucky to be his Mama.

Happy Tuesday!



Chad de Lisle said...

He looks SO big in this photos!

Haley said...

Love those track pants! I'm with Chad, he looks so big. I'm glad he's got a tooth.. I hope Abs has some of those.