A Hot Date and Cravings Review

Last night was date night and it was such a treat. It had been a while since we had one and I was feeling rather worn out from our days of teething so our planned date night was highly anticipated. 

Chad and I decided to go to our favorite Indian place, Bombay House. The food is incredible, we are both particularly fond of the Vegetable Samosas. I could order 6 of those and just eat them for my dinner but I was an adult and also got an entree.

Oh Samosas.

After we stuffed ourselves silly on rice, curry, and naan, we drove all the way to Pleasant Grove to try Cravings, a new cupcake shop that was recommended to us. Chad and I have always loved the Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes and were excited to try something new. So of course we bought 4 and ate all of them...go us.

The 4 kinds we got were: Salted Carmel, Coconut, Pumpkin, and "Better Than What" (Toffee, carmel, and chocolate). Both of us had different favorites. Chad loved the Salted Carmel, which wasn't as focused on the carmel as we thought it would be. It was extremely decadent with a dark, rich, chocolate frosting and a bit of carmel drizzle throughout it. It was too rich for my liking and was more focused on the chocolate aspect. I loved the "Better Than What" cupcake which was moist with carmel, topped with fluffy whipped cream, and sprinkled with chunks of homemade toffee. Unbelievable. We both agreed that the Pumpkin cupcake was equally divine. The cake was moist and flavorful while the cream cheese frosting was perfectly thick but not crusty. The coconut was also good but it just wasn't my thing.

From top left to right: Salted Carmel, Coconut, Pumpkin, "Better Than What".

Go support this little shop, it just barely opened two weeks ago! The owner, Alisha is the nicest, most genuine lady. She came out and spoke to all the customers personally. She is quite the talented baker taboot! Proof: she won Cupcake Wars on the Food Channel which is notable in my book. The shop is constantly changing it's flavors so go find out which is your favorite!

Lastly, the shop is so cute! The colors and decor are to die for.

Happy Friday!



Haley said...

WHY, WHY, WHY did the UC (Utah County) get all of these divine cute shops after I moved? WHYYYYY? I would single-handedly keep them all afloat.

Chad de Lisle said...