A Sick Shoe of the Day

Still sick but nothing brightens my day like a nice boot. Though we have had an alarmingly warm fall (its been a beautiful 70 degrees), the changing leaves make me want to wear boots and sweaters everyday. I usually end up really warm and take off the sweater and just wear a t-shirt but it still feels like Fall for a moment there.

I got this pair about 2 Christmases (is that a word? its not correcting me...) ago. What drew me to these Steve Maddens were the color and the orange zipper up the side. It's all about the details. I tend to steer clear of boots that lace all the way up like this, its too much of a commitment but I really loved these for some reason. Even if they make me look like I should be on the frontier or shooting a bow.

I adore flat boots that are tall (not the heel), because I can wear them with anything. Perfect for skinny jeans or skirts and dresses if I am wanting to be a bit more casual. Everyone needs a great flat boot for Fall/Winter, I get so much use out of them.

Happy Thursday!



Haley said...

Now that I've joined the rest of the world and am a converted skinny-jean girl, I really want some dark brown flat boots.

Rachey Elder said...

Those boots are amazing.

Chad de Lisle said...

"New boot goof'n?"