Back To Reality

This is my nightmare.

Do you see that clump of peanut butter? That clump came out of the box of cereal. We were so grossed out that we swore off Reese's Puffs forever. It was like a nightmare. The worst part is that the chunk was kind of soft which is just beyond weird.

Well, the Thanksgiving festivities are officially over and we are back to reality. Geddy has a second tooth coming in on his bottom gums and has not felt so hot. Even though the Holiday was super fun, I am eager and excited to be back on our routine. There is solace in routine, I know that Geddy thrives when he knows what to expect throughout the day. I have a busy day filled with ridiculous amounts of laundry and helping little dude with a sore mouth. Hope everyone else has a great trip back to reality.

Happy Monday!



Chad de Lisle said...

That peanut butter abomination might be the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Haley said...

I second the loads of laundry. I think I'm on my fifth right now. Sweeeet.