Danger Zone

So, I have a problem. Geddy is moving everywhere and has been for a while. We have baby proofed our apartment but there is one place that he has memorized and I have failed to barricade it successfully.

Of course, the danger is zone is an electric cord frenzy. He loves them, especially sucking on them which is SO not safe! Hence, this post: I need some ideas or suggestions as to how to hide/organize these in a way that our little dude can't have access to them.

This sight is kind of appalling, I realize. Each day, I block this area with something large, like a box or something. We used to use a book (such as our trusty Dungeon Masters Guide) to block it and it was totally successful, it was as if he never knew something was there. Now, he has wised up and realizes he can just pull the book down and find what he is looking for.

It's been driving me crazy so I would love any suggestions of what has worked for you.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Is anyone else in a Halloween Coma today? I feel totally trashed from all the junk I ate last night. Totally worth it though.

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Haley said...

I will preface this by saying, I AM GHETTO. But, it one solution is to use those twisty ties you find on a loaf of bread. I use those ties to string all my wires together, then get a big ol piece of duct tape and tape the excess cord length to the back of your desk. That way, they are hanging down in such a tantalizing manner.