Girls' Get Away

Some may have been wondering "Where has Hilary gone?". Others probably didn't notice but it has been too long since I have posted. There is actually a good reason for that.

This last weekend, some of my Sister/Sister-in-Laws went on a little get away (we really missed those who couldn't attend). We left all babies and husbands behind and spent the weekend in the beautiful Zion National Park. My wonderful Sister-in-Law and her family were so generous to let us stay at their Vacation Home in Rockville, which is just minutes away from Zion. It was such a delightful little get away.

We moved all the beds into the same room. It was like a slumber party. 

We talked like crazy. Literally hours and hours of chatting about everything. We also went on a beautiful hike up Angel's Landing. It started raining and became too dangerous to go to the very top but it was still a good 4 mile hike. I was so proud of myself, not being in shape and all, I still did pretty good! It felt so good to be in the fresh air like that.

We made it to Scouts Landing
Getting adventurous.

We also saw a movie (which I refuse to discuss) and then got Mexican food at 9:30pm. I missed my husband, baby, and pup but it was liberating to be able to go and get dinner after 7pm with such delightful company.

What a treat getting out for a few days but it was just long enough because I was ready to see my little family by the end. Being a home body myself, it was the perfect length for me. I needed to have that little time for myself- it has rejuvenated me and prepared me to be Mommy again.

Happy Tuesday!


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Haley said...

What a fun weekend! I've done that hike before and those are truly beautiful views. It looks like all you ladies had a blast!