Introducing a Crib Buddy

So, we are in a major adjustment phase with sleeping at our house. First off, Geddy is teething which has made my usually smiley, happy, peppy, little dude into a grumpy, short fused, sassy, little dude. I can understand the mood change but it has messed with his sleep (hence the lack of activity on my blog).  

On top of teething, he weaned himself from nursing (without consulting me at all, *tear*) and so our bedtime routine is totally thrown off and there are lots of tears at night. I am trying a few different things but something that I really want to consider is adding a "crib buddy" or special blanket to comfort him. The problem is, he has never grown attached to any of his toys or blankets.

Some may frown upon the idea of having a "clutch" introduced to their child but I kind of like the idea. Call me crazy but I feel like it could help. So, I have tried putting Murphy the Moose (seen in his monthly growth pics), in his crib at night and during nap time. I'm not seeing any sparks fly between the two yet but I am hopeful that something clicks soon.

Do you have any advice on this matter? Has it worked for you? Are you glad that they have it?

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

I remember weaning Izzy from nursing and there were several nights where she would just cry and cry. She eventually became attached to a blanket (made by Elizabethe), but I think that was when she was almost 18 months. My advice is just be patient. :)

Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

Both of my kids became attached to a blanket as well, and still are. I was pushing for it to happen but for both of them I used the same blanket and bedtime and they have become attached. And with Chloe she got a little puppy for her first Christmas (3 months old) that she liked holding on to and although she never became very attached she now wants something in her crib with her each night. She chooses what she wants and sometimes its a brush or a baby or a stuffed animal, and always her blanket but it helps comfort her. And for teething have you tried any gel or anything? I found the teething tablets from walmart to be miraculous for my kids!

Jenny said...

I love crib buddies. L has like four stuffed animals that he sleeps with in his big boy bed, plus his dear biohazard blanket. P only has a blanket, but she loves that thing to pieces. At this point, sometimes a crib buddy is "crying and 'needs' L to go take a nap with him," which works shockingly well.