Mother Knows Best: Cold Remedies

I am back earlier than I thought! We are still under the weather, in fact, Chad was up all night vomiting. Yeah, its been a rough week. I'm just praying that Geddy doesn't catch anything.

My cold is still really bad, it's moved a bit to my throat which is unfortunate. Ever since I could remember, when I had a cold, my Mother would force me to drink fresh squeezed oranges and lemons. My Mother is a master nurturer, but I always thought she was just torturing me. Do you know how it feels to drink freshly squeezed lemon while your throat feels like sand paper? It burns, like crazy.

Now that I am an adult, I swear by this method. Chad thought I was crazy when I was first married but he is now converted. When i start to feel my throat acting up or even when I just have a cold, I pound the oranges and lemons. It cuts through the phlegm so that I can get rid of it faster. It works. I'm telling you.

Happy Wednesday!


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Haley said...

How did I forget this method? I've had a scratchy throat all week and now I know how to cure it! Hip-hip-hooray for mom!