On Trend: Gwen Stefani

Happy Black Friday! Are any of you crazy enough to be shopping today? I refuse to leave the house personally. Chad and I literally planned meals and everything strictly so we didn't have to drive anywhere. Yes, we are cranky married people. Crowds are highly distasteful to me.

With my Birthday being so close to Christmas (only about a week apart), December is a month of celebration for me. Chad is very sensitive of my Birthday and always makes special efforts to celebrate it. Per usual, I will be requesting clothing for a majority of my gifts. Chad is wonderful enough to just give me the money and let me pick my gifts, which I prefer.

As I have been strategically planning my purchases because I do have a budget, I have been looking for inspiration (I am a weirdo, I know). One of my favorite "fashionistas" would have to be Gwen Stefani. Thats right, the ska princess from the 90's turned Style Wizard Mama, Gwen has blown me away by her interesting ensembles, modern taste, and amazing clothing line. Perfect amount of Rocker edge, she always looks super cool. It's also quite remarkable how much her hairstyles have changed. My personal favorite is her platinum blond hair with a trademark red lip.

Though I wouldn't willingly wear some of these styles, it's neat to see her transitions. Via
 She is just so cool. Via

My favorite thing is the way she dresses when she goes to the park with her kids. There are plenty of pictures of her playing with her boys and she always looks effortlessly cool with a rocker edge. I'm impressed because I would prefer going to the park in sweats, however I don't have people taking pictures of me all the time so, I'll let it slide now and then.

She always wears such amazing boots. Via
She even makes Uggs look good. Via

Happy Christmas Shopping and Friday! May you all find the good sales!


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Haley said...

I love her platinum hair. While I'm too preppy to ever personally rock her style, she really does ooze cool.