11 Months

Holy crap, it's been 11 months. Goodnight, it has gone by SO quickly I am kind of in awe. I have moments where I am saddened that every single that day goes by is a day I won't have again with him. What an incredible journey this has been. I am so lucky to be this Little Dude's Mama. Motherhood is fascinating, perplexing, and ultimately, an extraordinary experience that I would never give up for anything. 

It's getting really hard to take pictures of him because he moves so much.

Geddy is busy, busy, busy. Constantly moving and getting into things. He loves all electronics. Remotes, phones, cords, you name it. Especially if it lights up. That is the jack pot for him. Geddy is not the kind of child that really stops and plays with toys. He really only sits still if he is eating or reading books (he LOVES books!). Otherwise, he is busy "working" on getting to the next thing. He is however especially fond of two objects. 1) A small Gollum statue that we have (it's pretty scary looking) 2) his Daddy's toy T-Rex from when he was little. Geddy loves BOTH of those items. He will sit and look at their faces with such curiosity. It's adorable. But that curiosity is not long lived and he is on to something else. And it's nearly impossible to change his diaper because he moves so much. Drives me crazy sometimes.

Curious about Gollum
Loves Daddy's T-Rex.

Geddy loves doing acrobatics with his Daddy. Chad will give Geddy piggy back rides, especially when Geddy is experiencing a bit of a melt down. Once he gets a piggy back ride, everything seems a bit brighter and better for him. It's wonderful to see Geddy's face light up when his Daddy comes in the room. Daddy is definitely this boy's best friend and buddy. Chad is incredible with him, willing to play with him or entertain him when Mama is just worn out. 

Our Little Mister loves to eat but is not a chubby child. He eats lots and lots and really loves Spaghetti, or Homemade Pizza, or even mild Fajitas. Geddy definitely prefers big boy food now and wants to eat whatever you are eating. When I have my lunch, I feel hunted by both my pup and baby. I have actually started to put them both "away" during my lunch (Geddy will go in his jumper and Bobbie will be put in her crate while I eat). 

Geddy has two teeth on his bottom and is going to get his two top any day now. They are white and look swollen so we are expecting them soon. This month has definitely been the hardest for teething (I hear molars are the worst so I am just waiting for that to happen). Just a few days ago, Geddy took his first steps toward Daddy. It was two steps followed by a swift stumble but he didn't cry and we cheered and he seemed ever so proud. He is standing anywhere, without help and will be walking before we know it. 

Little Dude sleeps like a dream. I feel so fortunate! He naps pretty good but is more of a night time sleeper which I am totally okay with. Geddy will babble a lot and say Mamama/Dadada but doesn't connect them with people still. He hasn't caught on to the whole talking thing so we are still working on that. 

As Geddy gets older and older, I can see Chad's personality in him a lot. He is a very happy boy that loves to play and loves people. He can however become very cross if hungry or tired. Even though Geddy is constantly moving, we do have those tender moments throughout the day where he will want to be held and will even give a very aggressive open mouth kiss. It's pretty sweet.

Loves his back and thigh rolls.

As always, I thank heaven for this little boy everyday. Having Geddy has made me excited to have more little guys in the future. This little dude has truly stolen my heart. That little stinker. 

Happy Thursday!



Haley said...

I love his rolls! I remember Chad telling me a story about his T-Rex from when he was a kid. Something about his mom hiding a treat in there and it would unexpectantly roll out and Chad would be THRILLED. That is so great that Chad hung on to that toy and now it's Geddy's. I need to do better at hanging on to things.

Chad de Lisle said...

It was whoppers! As soon as they are no longer a choking hazard, that T-Rex will be full of em!