And Exhale

I have been gone for some time, the Holidays took up my time and I got some killer food poisoning (so fun!). Christmas time is wonderful but each year I am always pretty happy to see it go. It wears me out. Horrible right? I may the Grinch, its true. 

This year, I received one of the greatest surprises and Christmas Gifts ever. It all started with one of our best friends, Zach, calling me asking for a key to our apartment because he had a surprise for Chad. I was so excited to be a part of a surprise! So we worked it all out and I was sneaky and thought I was totally making everything awesome for Chad. 

We come home on Christmas eve (I knew Chad's surprise was awaiting) and we see ribbon and a card on our front door. Chad was so surprised and shocked and I acted all cool because I was totally in on it but then we walked in, we found a complete surprise (for us BOTH). It was a new L-Shaped Couch! Chad has longed for a L-Shaped Couch for years. Its something he has talked about since we got married. 

The most amazing thing is how perfect it was! I loved the colors and patterns and my Mother-in-Law picked all of it out herself but they fit my style perfectly. And the couch is so comfortable. It was unbelievable, she totally nailed it! Chad and I were thrilled and still are. Our old couch had basically turned into a wipe rag and we didn't care because it was just so old. And too small. We were grateful to have it (thanks Diana!) but it was time to see it go. 

So, there I stood staring at this perfect piece of furniture and feeling totally punked. I thought I was in on it! Low and behold, I was being fooled! Yet, I am totally okay with it :) 

Thank you Glam-ma and Grump-pa! We LOVE it!

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures that I intend to put up from our Christmas celebrations. I am going to do 2 parts, one with the de Lisles and the other with the Olsons. Stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!



Haley said...

What??? That is amazing! What a generous family! It looks like it fits perfectly in your family room and I'm so happy that you love the colors. G-ma DeLisle must know your taste very well!

Chad de Lisle said...

Best Christmas Gift EVER