Christmas Eve

After Grandma Glenna's birthday, we headed straight over to my folks house for our Christmas Eve dinner and celebration. We had Mexican Food but us de Lisle's had to leave soon after because Geddy had a major blow out. It got on ALL of his clothes. We were all so exhausted by this point so we slipped out early. Geddy literally wore a jacket and diaper on the way home. Poor kid. But we had such fun while we were there! As we were going home, the rest of the family did White Elephant Gifts and the Nativity. We are so sad we missed out :(

I took pictures of everyone that I could, so here we go!

Happy Friday!


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Haley said...

I love all of these pictures! It is crazy how fast these kids are growing. I love that Katie and Ash managed to be in so many of the pictures - such little hams. Thanks for sharing!