Christmas Morning!

This is my last Holiday post, I swear!

After our very busy Christmas Eve, Geddy slept REALLY late (it was amazing) but once he woke up, we brushed our teeth and were out the door (in our jammies). We spent Christmas morning at the de Lisle's. When he arrived, Grandpa de Lisle was the only one awake (not a surprise). Jordy was up next, followed by Aj, and last Grandma de Lisle. We started off by opening stockings, followed by presents. Such fun. It was very casual and relaxing.

After presents, we did our big breakfast. This has become a tradition for Christmas morning and I really enjoy it. We ate and just relaxed for a bit. At about noon, we headed home and did our own little Christmas at our apartment. Again, by this point we were so tired. It's hard doing lots of events with a baby. By the time we were opening our own presents we were kind of rushing to get it over with. We are so lame but it's totally true.

Proof that I was actually there!
One of Geddy's presents. It nays and moves its head and tail!
Riding his horse for the first time. 
Stinker face on his rocket. 
Because it was Christmas, we let Geddy suck on some Licorice. He LOVED it.
Licorice all over his face.
Stinker face.
Sharing with Glam-Ma.
Our simple but sweet Christmas!

Though our Holiday was really busy, we felt so blessed to have such an abundance of wonderful things in our life. We are especially blessed with amazing family and friends. I hope everyone's Holiday was as pleasant as ours!

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

What a great Christmas! You are so fortunate to have so much family around. I love Geddy's rocking horse. Does he like it? Abby would be completely TERRIFIED.