City Sneaks

So, we all know that I love a good pair of chuck converses (I even wrote about it here). They are practical, classic, and cute. It's a safe go to, for sure. But apart from those (and the Adio skater shoes from highschool, which I have since removed from my wardrobe) I am not a sneaker person. I tend to lean more towards brogues or flats when I am looking for comfort.

Wedged sneaker. Don't know which brand. Found on Pinterest. Won't wear.

This past year, the trend of wedge/hidden heeled sneakers have sprouted (thanks to designer Isabel Marant). I have decided not to participate in the trend because it is much too difficult to pull off. Seriously, I have seen people not pull it off, it's distatsteful. Julie from Sincerely Jules absolutely nails the wedge sneakers, every time. Effortlessly cool, your eye doesn't automatically zoom in at her feet, she makes it all flow naturally. Again, good luck trying this if you aren't this girl!

Julie from SincerelyJules.com nailing the wedged sneaker. You go girl.

Though I have respectfully declined the healed sneaker, I stumbled across this on Pinterest and FELL IN LOVE. I think I showed this picture to Chad 3 different times and in a stern voice said "I want these shoes". Unfortunately, I can't find these retro looking Nikes anywhere. At least not in that beloved maroon color. *Drool*. I would call this style a "City Sneaker". It's a fitting name, I'd say.

Love me some retro lookin' sneaks.

This whole outfit is perfect, the beanie, coat, and expecially the sneakers. I would totally wear those around town. Or out on walks or at the park. I could work those, very Mommy friendly. So, if anyone wants to buy me those EXACT shoes, I wear a size 9. Thank you very much.

I would also wear these sneakers. So cool.

I would also wear those bad boys. From Pinterest.

Happy Wednesday!


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