Freaks and Geeks

I have blogged about this show before but recently saw something about it and couldn't resist posting about it again. I have a very tender spot in my heart for the TV show Freaks and Geeks, I have loved it for a very, very, long time. It was canceled after one season but will always remain a part of me. 

Vanity Fair did a "Freaks and Geeks" reunion and posted updated photos of each of the beloved characters. It made my heart swell. Oh happy day! What a great program. I could literally go on and on about how much I loved it but don't have time to get into that today.

The Freaks
The Geeks.
"But Mr. Rosso..."
Check out Jason Schwartzman on the far left. Love it!

There are even more photos on the Vanity Fair website. It's amazing. Behold and love it.

Happy Saturday!


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Chad de Lisle said...

I love that Neet Shweeber looks the exact same!!