Glam-ma's Birthday!

December 24th is Glam-Ma's (Grandma de Lisle) birthday so we went over that afternoon to celebrate. It's tradition that all the boys make homemade Birthday cards for their Mama and this year was no different. We enjoyed Hamburger Soup (its ridiculously good) and Carrot Cake for dessert. That meal is pretty much a tradition for her Birthday as well. Yum.

We laughed and ate and watched Geddy play. The de Lisle's are all about relaxing and spending time with each other on Birthdays. It's very delightful.

So here are a bunch of pictures to document Glam-Ma's special day! 

Grump-Pa, Glam-Ma, and Geddy Boy!
Geddy opening a gift for himself on Glam-Ma's birthday. Spoiled.
Uneasy about the bow on his head.
New jammies. 
The Fam! Aj in the background, our bundle of joy.
Grump-pa's Hamburger Soup. AMAZING!
Geddy mooching off of Glam'Ma's dinner plate. 
Geddy's Great Great Grandma Carter!

Happy Birthday Glam-Ma, we love you!

Happy Thursday!


Chad de Lisle said...

Aj has aspergers

Zach Stewart said...

Chad, Aj has assburgers, not aspburgers.

Haley said...

That is amazing that you got a photo with Geddy's great, great grandma. Also, I love that the boys all make mom homemade b-day cards every year. It sounds like Chad's family is all about traditions and I love that!