Little Buddies

On Saturday, Geddy and I were able to have a play date with Cohen and Katrina. These play dates are amazing. It's nice to have the two little dudes play (even if they aren't playing with each other, they are still entertained by the other's existence) and to catch up with a LONG time friend (we're talking Elementary School here). It was quite a treat indeed.

Cohen and his beautiful Mama, Katrina!
Geddy contaminating everything because of teething (sorry Katrina!)
Geddy looking for Cohen's face.
Just playing close.
Cohen sharing toys.

I am so impressed by how willing Cohen is to share his toys. Geddy was thrilled to have a play mate and some new toys to explore. Bless these play dates, they are the best.

Happy Monday!


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Haley said...

Oh my goodness, Cohen looks just like his mama! I'm so glad you have another young mom to enjoy. Playdates are definitely a sweet way to pass an afternoon. And I really like Katrina's toy storage in the background. I could really use some big bins like those.